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4-Step Relaxation (Morning)


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  • 4-Step Relaxation Mindfulness - Morning

4 Step Relaxation Mindfulness - Morning

Author and speaker : Girish Jha, know more

Track Title: 4 Step Relaxation Mindfulness - Morning

Album Title : 4 Step relaxation mindfulness practice series

Track Number : GJ-RM-001-20170101

Year : 2017

Genre : Teaching & practices from great masters of eastern wisdom

Eastern wisdom: It is 6000 years old tradition, includes teachings of more than 3000 teachers and thousands of practice to evolve and help everyone to evolve

Comments: Simple and easy practice to relax and calm the mind

Description  :  (What, Why, How, Benefit) :

The 4 SRP is adapted from the teachings of a great master- Astavakra lived more than 3000 years ago. A single verse explains the principles and practice

In the morning, when you do this practice daily, it will change the habit of the mind. Many people feel that their mind starts wandering the moment they wake up.

Every practice  file is customized to suit the group or individuals. Because a single size does not fit all.

When you follow the practices from the series, you will not only understand the Kundalini meditation in right perspective but will benefit you immensely.

Please listen to the talks with eyes closed and practice it till the end daily minimum 6 days before the next practice to maximize the benefit.

Kind of Audio: Talk, Training, Guided Practice

Original unedited live recording: The audio files are kept original, complete and unedited to maximize the benefits.

Length of  audio file : 13.00

Format : MP3

Price: $ 4.99

Note : for any issue, please write to us at info@girishjha.org. We offer online / in person / Private / group session to help manage pain ( anxiety, stress, personal, professional challenges etc), achieve well-being, and awaken to inner peace and happiness.

Disclaimer, waiver,  privacy policy etc: Please visit www.girishjha.org/disclaimer-waiver

4-Step Relaxation Mindfulness - Morning

About Mentor GIRISH JHA

About 4-Step Relaxation Mindfulness

  • $4.99

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