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About Girish Jha LLC


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About Girish Jha LLC

Eastern wisdom – Joy of conscious living                                                                               

(Eastern wisdom defines our true nature full of peace, happiness, love and wisdom)                                                        

A vibrant resource within your reach

● Every human being is a seeker of peace and happiness. When he treads the path with false perception, falls prey to addiction, dependence and suffer from anxiety, depression, relationship problems etc.

● The eastern wisdom which is 6000 years old aims at discovery of our true nature or subjective reality. It is supported by 3000 teachers and 3000 texts. It has validated thousands of practices that free from any adverse effects.

● We help people manage their pain, achieve well-being and discover peace and happiness through variety of programs, and practices applying the principles of eastern wisdom.

● Our 4T approach is Talk, Technique, Tips and Training have helped thousands.

● The five stages of learning is a journey aims at excellence in personal, professional, social and spiritual levels.

● We help individuals and groups and free from any cult, dogma, belief and religion.

● We help you with personalized program and practices…..

A resource for you – online, in person and group for a change

 Anyone who is seeking peace, and happiness in life. Anyone who is looking for well-being, complementary approach to overcome addiction / dependence from drugs, alcohol, and other social abuses.

 At Girish Jha, LLC we focus on helping people to evolve, and discover their true nature. The true nature aims at a life beyond dependence, addiction and illnesses.

 We work as an adjunctive / alternative mode which is non-medical and non-drug use methods.

 The basic premise is that every human being has the infinite potential and can evolve without any limit. Our members / students comes from different background and reasons i.e. personal stress, relationship challenges, professional stress , social problems , substance abuse, opioids addiction etc.

 Our focus is to awaken to true nature to make a right choice, right action and right direction in life

What should I do and how 
 What I want, I don’t get it 
 What I get. I don’t like it 
 What I like, it does not last for ever
 Manage PAIN,
 Achieve well-being and
 Awaken to peace and happiness
P.- Pressure 
A. – Anxiety 
I. – Intimidation or fear
N.- Negative thinker

Few of the practices, we offer in our programs

  • 4 Step Relaxation
  • The Synergy Practice
  • The Self-Awareness Practice
  • The Emotional Poise
  • The Contemplative Mindfulness
  • The Psychosomatic Practice
  • The Harmony Practice
  • The Prajna Practice
  • The Freedom Practice
  • And more….. From 6m-10m-20m-60 minutes

Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old, with well-defined principles, and thousands of practices. It is supported by 3000 masters and texts.

Famous Programs
Layman’s guide to mindfulness
Retrain the brain, release the stress
Eight fold path of mindfulness Shanti- meditation series
Healthy aging
Guided Meditation and Stress mgmt.
Personalized mindfulness program
Applied eastern wisdom programs
Pain management
Asthma management
Stress management
Anxiety management
Problem solving
Relationship management
Heart care program
Work-life balance
Conflict and confusion management
Programs for YOU
Goal setting
Motivation and positive attitude
Personality development
Self-discovery – joy of conscious living
Eastern wisdom for excellence(Based on the texts)
Evolve mind for happiness
Educating mind for meditation and awakening

Free from cult, dogma, belief and religion; discover inner peace and happiness

About the program?
The program helps one to discover one’s true nature of inner peace, happiness, wisdom, love & truth.

What we do- why you join
Manage pain (Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, physical pain, asthma, relationship challenges etc.), Achieve well-being and awaken to peace and happiness ( personal, professional, development and awakening)

Who can join
Anyone facing challenges in personal, professional, social lives and ready to change

How we do it
Interactive brief talk on the principles, guided practice, sharing of experiences, QA

The source and inspiration
Eastern wisdom 6000 years’ old tradition supported by 3000 teachers and texts. The goal of eastern wisdom is to discovery the true nature to end stress, suffering, and awaken to inner peace and happiness.

  Self-inspired to learn and practice the guided techniques
  Ready to educate from your experiences.
  Motivated to discover inner peace and happiness

Learn, Practice, Experience and Change…
  Overcome fatigue, reduce anxiety and improve sleep
 Learn to discover and live in inner peace, love and happiness.
 Empower and refuse to be miserable in life

How we conduct the program- 5 stages of learning in joy
We introduce the principles, steps and guided customized practices in five stages that help you to educate and empower the mind, experience the change and begin the transformation in life.

What will you get from this program?
 Learning fundamental principles of living in joy.
 Understanding the cause of stress, pain and suffering in life followed by customized practices.
 Addressing the challenges facing you or the group with guided practices for solution.

Contact us to for a unique program for you/ group

Identify the challenges.

•Design & customize the program

•Engagement and learning

•Guided practices

•Experience the change.

•Digital delivery of the practices

Our Approach
  Non-pharmaceutical, drug free, lifestyle changing tools, natural simple, easy, conscious evolution and transformation in life, awakening to peace, happiness, harmony, wisdom and truth:
  Our programs include 6 out of 10 of the most recognized non-pharmaceutical approaches. Used in various combinations based on your problems.
Read more National Institute of Health information CAM_Basics_Whats_In_A_Name_03-26-2015

Let’s take a journey

 Anyone who makes a choice for freedom from addiction and dependence may join our unique program. The membership is open to people seeking help and guidance to

 Manage pain

 Achieve well-being and

 Discover inner peace and happiness

 The word ‘PAIN’ includes personal, professional, social and other challenges.

 We focus on how to awaken to your true nature that help you to succeed in life, live in peace and happiness and help others through learning, specialized practices.

 Weather you have challenges with drugs, illegal or legal, relationship problems, and social suffering, you may make a choice to join our program.

The Eastern wisdom meeting/ workshops/ programs:

 Because not a single size fits all, we follow unique approach of 6P (Principles – Program- Practice – Progress –Perfection).

 We personalize the practice, invoke principles, and guide you to move from lower to higher to highest truth leading to awakening to the true nature.

 Because every individual is unique and different, we pick up specific principles (steps) from the eastern wisdom, design the practice and deliver it digitally for practice.

You are the most important – anonymity

 We work in a friendly environment. The goal of eastern wisdom to discover one’s true nature i.e. inner peace, freedom, creativity, well-being, happiness, love etc. we evolve and help everyone to evolve.

 We define anonymity freedom from legal or social challenges, focused on equality, compassion and practical methods to overcome problems, pain and suffering.

How does Girish Jha LLC work?

 You self evaluate yourself (non-medical) through series of questionnaires. After initial evaluation, we offer simple, easy, effective practices to help manage your symptoms challenges and problems.

 The eastern wisdom is 6000 years old supported by 3000 teachers and texts. It has thousands of practices given by the masters to their students.

 Every practice follows the same fundamentals of positive psychology to discover peace, well-being, happiness, wisdom etc.

 These masters had validated these practices by customizing to suit individual or group having varying temperament, challenges and problems in life.

 We respect every one and their current state of life and move from their understanding their limitations, and strengths.

Working in Freedom for Freedom

 In 1982 , we started a journey to help people from all walks of life i.e. engineers, technocrats, students, researchers, doctors, suffering people, kids etc. we discussed the fundamentals and offered the practices. We personalized hundreds of practices and have helped thousands of people in the last 37 years.

 Based on our experience, we designed and developed specialized programs and practices. These programs can easily be customized for an individual, group, professionals, family meeting the challenges.

Service with smile to every human being

 We are free from race, caste, religion, dogma, belief etc. we serve people individually or in a group.

 Our goal is to awaken wisdom through programs and practices.

 Our vision is to evolve and help everyone to evolve so that we can envision better person, a better society, a better nation and a better world.

 We inspire everyone to become a global person or citizen of our planet to share, care and progress.

Important information

Please write to us at info@girishjha.org

Or call us at 609-447-5421

Website www.girishjha.org

Girish Jha LLC – within your reach

Since 1982, we realized that different settings, modules, programs will help serve people better.
Online and face to face
We offer all programs online and in person, that are equally effective.

Individual and group settings
Depending on the need, challenges, we give personalized guidance and training in an individual and group settings.

Professional and family settings
Many people approached us for professional, organizational and family workshops during the last 30 years. After discussion with group / family, we give customize our programs for you to maximize the benefits.

Types and formats of our programs

Workshops and seminars - Presentations for peace and happiness
We offer free workshops and seminars to churches, police officers, parole officers, doctors, schools, colleges, family

Online webinars and workshops
We offer online series on specific topics that will largely benefit people all over the world, especially in USA. We always like to share our responsibility towards society and the nation.

Volunteering to organizations and groups
Many organizations like senior centers, kinder garden schools etc. Approached us for volunteering our services. You can approach us to give a workshop / seminars at your location.

Online – video and audio services
We offer audio or audio-video services depending on the problems and challenges people are facing.

Meeting and regular programs
We host regular meatus and programs at different locations in east and west coast.

Services to Hospitals, Institutions and for profit/ nonprofit organizations

We offer our specialized services to institutions, hospitals and other organizations variety of programs as an adjunctive or alternative modules.