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Terms & Conditions


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Terms & Conditions


Courses/Coaching/ Training/Program/ workshops/seminars – online/offline Digital audio files are unedited aims at helping people

Manage their pain (anxiety, stress, anger, physical pain etc.)

Achieve well-being and Discover inner peace and happiness

All practices are for educational purpose. We follow the principles and practices of eastern wisdom. Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old, supported by teachings of more than 3000 teachers and texts. They had customized the practices to help people of their time.

Girish Jha, has been educating people for the last 38 years. During his journey with people from all walks of life, he recorded individual and group sessions that benefitted people the most. These recordings are now available at www.girishjha.net

You may like to visit www.girishjha.org for attending programs online / in person/ group.

 We help improve quality of life, minimize the impact of illness and achieve well-being in people suffering from physical, psychological, and social disorders includes, anxiety, stress, PTSD, sexual issues, relationship, transsexual challenges. Girish Jha offers services in the field of mind-body, well-being and illness management programs for the last 35 years. He has helped improve the quality of life for people suffering from psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety) and physical disorders (including Muscular Dystrophy, various forms of cancer, and debilitating pain). His people come from all walks of life (technologists, engineers, public servants, politicians, diplomats, teachers, adolescents, Engineers, and even Doctors). He guides people to move from a position of PAIN to one of PEACE (which can lead to improved PROSPERITY). PAIN covers the mind, body, and spirit for people. The impacts from PAIN can cover one or more of the following symptoms: anxiety, anger, panic, grief, chronic pain, physical pain, asthma, obesity, under achievement, family conflict, lack of self-esteem, and even transsexual issues. He has studied world religions, eastern psychology, hundreds of traditional practices, under the tutelage of 50 Himalayan masters, in addition to his formal education in physics, chemistry, psychology and physiology.

Ask for a copy of the Personal agreement after signing if you are attending/ downloading any program/ practice face to face and copy or ask us to send a copy by email. If you are attending or downloading or subscribing to any of our programs and products, you agree to below.

We follow the guidelines of NIH (The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) (NCCIH).
Read more https://nccih.nih.gov/

You give consent only / offline

Consent form you agree to this consent form before downloading any audio files

Consent to participate and attend/ practice it by downloading the program: I request and give consent to Girish Jha to provide, perform and recommend such programs, practices as laid down in eastern wisdom and other services (yogic counseling (I would prefer to say guidance which is non-medical) based on authentic texts) as are considered necessary or beneficial by him for my health, harmony, happiness and wellbeing. I acknowledge that no representations, Warranties or guarantees as to the results or cures have been made to me or relied upon by me.

Always keep information update /current: I agree to inform Girish Jha about any changes in my contact information, emergency contact information, health status, medications or allergies.

Progress and monitoring: I understand that eastern wisdom programs and practices requires consistent follow-up, feedback, sharing of experiences and that I am responsible for scheduling and keeping appointments with Acharya Girish Jha. I agree to ensure that Acharya Girish Jha is made aware of the problems and cares as told to me by medical practitioners.

Emergencies: I understand that Girish Jha should not be reached in emergencies and in case I am experiencing an emergency, I will go to the nearest emergency room or call an ambulance.

E-Mail: If I do not wish to communicate via e-mail, for my follow up and feedback, I will either withhold my e-mail address or inform Girish Jha of this in writing.

Materials for use: I agree that whatever materials provided by email, digital audio files or texts are solely for my own use and will never send for use to any other person. I also understand these practices are always learnt under the supervision of an expert, thereby, will abide by the decision not to give them to anyone.

Notice of privacy practices person acknowledgement

Please download the forms for information and attending online programs with Girish Jha

Payment: level-10 sessions for 60 minutes each/ total payment -$…….. First payment 50% in first session of $………and second payment of 50 % in the fifth Session. (When you are attending program online individually or in group session). This does not apply to downloading audio files from the website.

Reschedule(applicable for private session only)– a session can be rescheduled with a notice of 48 hours (2 days in advance) or less than 48 hrs. 50% of that session will be deducted Cancellation – in the event of cancellation of sessions, full charge of (/session) will be charged already attended and remaining amount will be refunded within week.

I agree that I will pay (applicable for people attending private session)  for all services at the time that services are rendered, unless other arrangements are made in advance. I agree to pay for all appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice. If any discount is offered for program divided into more than one sessions, full payment of sessions attended be made is one cancels the future sessions on account of any reasons. I understand that all accounts are the full responsibility of the person enrolled for the program and/or the person's responsible party/guarantor, regardless of benefits provided by any insurance carrier. I also understand that delinquent accounts may be referred to a collection agency, in which case a 30-50% collection fee will be added. An account will be considered delinquent only if Girish Jha organization's efforts to collect payment have failed.