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  • Always Practice with 4 connections to succeed - I

Always Practice with 4 connections to succeed - I

Introduction: There are two practices given to a student who is evolving into higher states and enjoying inner peace and happiness. These weekly recordings is a journey from the beginning to advance practices.  The student used to practice for a week, explained his/her experiences that helped, Girish Jha, mentor to customize the practices

Choose the topic in the series and download the file for practice. It is a journey, if mind rejects the practice, download another file for practice.

Current audio file: Practice with four connections to succeed-1

When mind consciously thinks and contemplate on three factors and relate them to life and daily living. Mindfulness succeeds means one discovers inner peace and happiness. The three factors are : becoming a qualified seeker , clear understanding of goal of meditation and subject matter of meditation.

What is Eight fold of mindfulness:

The eastern wisdom has three main principles- right knowledge, right intention and right effort. The eastern wisdom is 6000 years old, includes 3000 texts and teachers. Not a single size fits all. It explains 5000 practices personalized by great masters.   Buddha is part of the tradition who used the word ‘Samyak Smriti’. This word is now translated as mindfulness.

What is the fundamental principle of mindfulness/ meditation?

Eastern wisdom aims at discovery of subjective reality in the inner space. Science aims at discovery of 'objective reality' in the outer space. Both discovers the truth, but in opposite direction. Science has made tremendous progress, does not mean, it can discover the subjective reality. It can complement mindfulness by understanding.  In the state of mindfulness, the Science explores the    physiological, neurological and psychological changes. It does not mean that they know what mindfulness state is.

Author and speaker : Girish Jha, know more

Track Title: from self-awareness to inner happiness-1

Album Title : Eight fold path of mindfulness  series

Track Number : GJ-EFM-007-20161126

Year : 2017

Genre : Teaching & practices from great masters of eastern wisdom & Buddha

Eastern wisdom: The great master, Kapila 5000 years ago, defined mindfulness , ‘mindfulness is devoid of content of mind.’ Buddha says that mindfulness is self- remembering ( knowing the self in the state of emptiness). In the tradition, Patanjali says ,  uninterrupted flow of mind( subjective) without any object ( objective mind). That is why mindfulness is also known as emptiness or nothingness.

Comments: Simple and easy practice to relax and calm the mind

Kind of Audio: Talk, Training, Guided Practice

Original unedited live recording: The audio files are kept original, complete and unedited to maximize the benefits.

Length of  audio file : 13.59

Format : MP3


Price: $ 4.99

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Always Practice with 4 connections to succeed - I

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