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  • Why to practice Mindfulness ?

Why to practice Mindfulness ?

Description : Why to practice Mindfulness ? The mindfulness is a journey, you never say, ‘ let me give a break to breathing for a week, I have been breathing for years.’ The same way, the journey of mindfulness is to continue daily. In the beginning , it may short or long time depending upon the temperament, level of awareness and other challenges. After that you simply live in mindfulness. Until then, continue the journey for peace, happiness, creativity, love and wisdom.

Mindfulness - An Introduction :  (What, Why, How, Benefit) :

Layman’s guide to Relaxation and mindfulness is a series of  talks and practices given to more than 60000 people individually and in group session. Girish Jha customized the practices for individuals or groups. A brief talk in the beginning helps understand the purpose, process, steps of the practice. Every practice in the series is customized to help people maximize the benefits.

You will find different topics discussed, help you manage anxiety, stress, physical pain and other personal, and professional challenges.

Author and speaker : Girish Jha, know more

Track Title: Awaken to your true nature- 20170422

Album Title : Layman’s Guide to relaxation and mindfulness

Track Number : GJ-LMF-005-20170422

Year : 2017

Genre : Teaching & practices from great masters of eastern wisdom

Eastern wisdom: It is 6000 years old tradition, includes teachings of more than 3000 teachers and thousands of practice to evolve and help everyone to evolve

Comments: Simple and easy mindfulness practices based on the teachings of great masters

Kind of Audio: Talk, Training, Guided Practice

Original unedited live recording: The audio files are kept original, complete and unedited to maximize the benefits. It may include some noise due to sharing of experiences by the participants and light discussions.

Length of  audio file : 59.00

Format : MP3


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Why to practice Mindfulness ?

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