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What to expect from us ?

Educating people: to discover peace & happiness

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What we do, how we do and what to expect from us

  • We work together for CHANGE- PAIN to PEACE to (inner) PROSPERITY

  • No Surprises but always in harmony

  • Journey of life is easy when we know each other

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  • What is First Session like - online or First in person visit?

  • What is the Second Session like?

  • What happens in regular visits?

  • What happens when   YOU IGNORE, REJECT, AVOID or SUPRESS life’s problems

  • What are the practices and tools we offer?

We utilize National Institute of Health guidelines and studies in helping you manage your problems.

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Our approach:  

We provide well-being, drug free, lifestyle changing tools, simple, easy, conscious evolving practices and transformative techniques to help you awaken to peace, happiness, harmony, wisdom and truth.

Our  services in the field of mind-body non-pharmaceutical, well-being and illness management for the last 38 years., Girish Jha has helped improve the quality of life for patients suffering from psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety) and physical disorders (including Muscular Dystrophy, various forms of cancer, and debilitating pain). His patients come from all walks of life (technologists, engineers, public servants, politicians, diplomats, teachers, adolescents, engineers, and doctors}. He guides patients to move from the state of PAIN to one of PEACE (which can lead to improved PROSPERITY).  PAIN includes the areas of mind, body, and spirit for patients. The impact from PAIN can cause one or more of the following symptoms: anxiety, anger, panic, grief, chronic pain, and physical pain, and asthma, obesity, under achievement, family conflict, and lack of self-esteem. He has studied world religions, eastern psychology, hundreds of traditional practices, under the tutelage of 50 Himalayan masters, in addition to his formal education in physics, chemistry, psychology and physiology.

Practices, natural remedies, specialized techniques:

They include but not restricted to 135 different types of breathing practices for body, breath, brain, and mind, 25 meditation/ mindfulness practices derived from eastern wisdom, 10 types of simple rest and relaxation practices, Yantra, sound resonance practices, brain energizing techniques, measured diet such as medicine with single herbs, powerful tantra healing tools, naturopathy methods for cleansing and detoxification.

Our programs include 6 out of 10 of the most recognized non-pharmaceutical approaches. Used in various combinations based on your problems.  Read more National Institute of Health information

H:\0. allpictures\0. All Fotor\Free21.jpg We work together for CHANGE- PAIN to PEACE to (inner) PROSPERITY

With us you feel at home and as natural as you are with yourself (either online or in person). Our slogan states:


We are here on earth to evolve, to turn problems into opportunities, to reverse PAIN to PEACE and to transform Adversity to Prosperity (we are talking about both inner and outer).

No Surprises: only working for awakening to our essential nature – Truth, wisdom, love, peace, happiness… in present…24X7

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Well-being, PAIN Management, Unique Mindfulness and other personalized programs involve a series of sessions online (or personal visits).  We have   discovered during the last 38 years of experience that one of the best ways to have a successful relationship and outcome is to explain everything in advance. No surprises, but always a cordial relationship for us to grow together.

Journey of life is easy when we know each other and work together and evolve

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The journey covers different milestones and includes – self assessment of problems, self-evaluation of your life and problems/ stress/ illnesses and strengths to determine how to proceed with the self-help programs and practices.  We assure you that we give the maximum return to your investment to yourself, time and money.

Contact us / Registration Free

Before you arrange for the time and date of your First Session, we make sure that you have filled out the registration form disclaimer and waiver of liability and personal agreement.  We will send you the Self-evaluation of PAIN / Stress questionnaires so that we have your brief profile in order to start our journey together.

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What is the First Session online or in person consultation like

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After our initial contact, we now know each other a little. But we need to work together, in person (or online) to understand your problems, history, and other physical, mental, emotional, relationship details for clarity. We will then discuss your goals in your personal, professional, social and spiritual life.

We will understand together, how non-pharmaceutical and mind-body-emotion practices work to bring about desired changes in life.  

The First Session is a way to screen yourself objectively and identify likely causes of your problems, possible solutions and need for customized programs, agreeable to both of us.

We will find time for an initial simple, effective practice not only to understand, how you’re as whole respond to it but also for our understanding of future sessions.

We will give your some Homework to do and practices to follow before we meet again in the Second Session. What is the Second Session like

After a detailed assessment of the First Session, your response to the easy and simple practices and the report sent by you on Self-Evaluation of Life-1, we will make recommendations. These recommendations are a result of our evaluation and will help us to work together.

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The two Sessions approach accomplishes the following

  1. Prevents overload in the First Session

  2. Helps us to further Understand the problems, causes and possible solutions

  3. Establishes our relationship which helps us to move in right direction

  4. You will better understand the program which consists of select principles and practices (with steps clearly defined to help manage your problems.

  5. We also provide audio files after the practice for you to listen to before the next session,  at which time the program  is customized

In some circumstances, we need to extend the sessions. It all depends on your unique conditions and expectations.

Regular Sessions – for progress, prevention and more.

You may ask why regular sessions are important. There are many reasons for it and a few of them are:

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  1. The conditioned mind is neither aware nor can understand, what is inner development in terms of changing states of consciousness. A teacher or guide helps you to understand the inner progress, changes that takes place and prevents you falling into myths and unconsciousness.

  2. A common problem – what should I do when my past thoughts keeps repeating themselves. We both work together to understand your unique mental nature and customize the practices.

  3. There are many changes that takes place – some are aides and other are barriers to your progress. We guide you to identify them and suggest to you the ways to transforms the barriers into helpers.

  4. It is better to avoid a recurrence of problems.

All programs follow five level of learning


  1. Learning and engagement – it all depends on your mind not on YOU, how your mind engages itself with the principles and practices. How it follows the programs. We have seen that 10 people attending the same programs have different experiences, due to their level of evolution of the mind.

  2. Education – in the second level of learning, the conditioned mind takes charge of learning. It knows simultaneously conditionings and ways to break them through the principles and practices. Many people transcend all barriers but others experience blockages. A guide is there to help you

  3. Experience and experiment – this is the level of learning, where the mind starts working independently with the practices. Further the mind has created genuine interest in the practices and is ready to try them, whenever challenges come in everyday life.

  4. Empowerment - - this is the level where, you not only know, but are confident that you can overcome mental, emotional and physical problems. You empower yourself, you find opportunity to solve problems with the principles and practices

  5. Evolution and transformation – the last phase of learning, where you continue the journey to raise life beyond PAIN and suffering and start helping others to evolve.

What happens in regular visits/ session – online / in person  

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  1. Every regular session is highly focused.

  2. In every session, we explain in detail about the different steps of the practices and how it influences your life.

  3. We understand the intensity and degree of the steps to be practiced for the desired outcome. We don’t want people to start doing the practice habitually without any result.

  4. Like with regular visit to the gym, where you start building your physical shape, size and desired figure, you can also build emotional and mental well-being progressively by regular sessions and discover the ways and means within you to transcend and transform PAIN and realize your essential nature made of peace, truth, wisdom, love, harmony and creativity.

What happens to life problems when YOU IGNORE, REJECT, AVOID, and SUPPRESS them?

Life problems, PAIN and sufferings rarely get better if you IGNORE, REJECT, AVOID and SUPRESS them.  We are here to do everything possible to help you with the prevention of problems, promotion of well-being, awakening to inner peace, happiness, and wisdom and much more ………….

Do you still have questions?  Contact us to start the journey

Send email to us, we will answer it for you

What practices and tools we offer?

There four groups of practices

First - Practices to bring effect change in body, breath, brain and mind

Passive steps – are steps in the practice or program where we raise our awareness to bring about a change.

Active Practices – are steps and practices when we find how the mind and body resists and reacts to change.

Semi active or Semi passive steps – are specialized steps to influence body, breath, brain, mind, emotions etc.

There are hundreds of practices including breathing, poses, progressive relaxation, healing, mantra, sound resonance, Yantra, specialized relaxation, meditation/mindfulness, mudra, mandalas. We customize and design a program for you.

Few of the practices are

  1. The 4 Step relaxation practice

  2. The 6 Step relaxation-mindfulness

  3. The Synergy practice

  4. The  Emotional poise practice

  5. The Self-awareness practice

  6. The Harmony practice

  7. The Contemplative meditation practice

  8. The Psychosomatic practice

  9. The Freedom practice

  10. The Prajna Practice

  11. Applied mindfulness for pain management

  12. Retrain the brain and release stress

Natural measured diet guidance with single herbs

The fundamental of measured diet aims at less intake of food with high release of energy, combined with single herbs that you can use and are available  almost everywhere.

What we do, how we do it?

What we do?

We help people achieve their optimum – Well-being, Peace, Happiness and Manage PAIN.

We help, guide everyone to start rising from their current level to the highest that they can achieve, accomplish and realize in their personal, professional, social and spiritual lives.

Why we do it?

We all are aspiring for ultimate happiness, peace, wisdom, love and truth. It is a journey we all cherish but not everyone awakens to their potentials. When we work together in trust guided by the highest principles of life, we start progressing and evolving together.

We enjoy offering our services to help you realize the ultimate in your personal, professional, social and spiritual life.

How we do it?

You take charge of yourself completely

During the last four decades, science has highlighted the understanding of the mind-body and the higher consciousness to manage, improve and prevent many mental, emotional and life injuring conditions. Hundreds of research studies suggest that regular practice of specialized programs improves well-being, manages problems of the mind, emotions and body, and promotes positive changes in physiology, biochemistry and can act as strong adjunctive/ alternative mode of managing illnesses.


Global attention and acceptance of well-being programs

Today there is worldwide acceptance and understanding of the positive impact of well-being programs. They are studied increasing in many reputed research centers. Researchers have started understanding how certain practices influences brain, body, breath, mind and DNA.  This is a testimony to an ever increasing awareness and deeper understanding of this evidence based approach.

We work in positive dimensions of life

The non-pharmaceutical, integral, natural and holistic approach of eastern wisdom is based upon positive dimensions. We start our journey by recognizing inner peace and happiness, instead of concentrating on your negative aspects.  We take into account your past history for reference in designing the programs. Your negativity is released quietly with conscious recognition and replaced with positive states, skills, strengths, attitude, wisdom, peace and happiness.

The desired outcome is in your hand

The desired outcome is not in the hands of anyone, except you. We help you recognize that YOU are the most important factor in bringing about a change in your life. We guide and offer you the tools, practices and steps for brain, breath, body, mind, emotions and life.   

Regular supervised program with practice has the best results

There isn’t any evidence of adverse effects of supervised regular programs and practices as compared to some medical management programs with their prescription of chemical pills and their possible adverse side effects.

Our programs and practices are safe when learned under supervision, and customized based on your level, and condition.

Is it scientific

If you understand science logically as an systematic method of acquiring knowledge that includes

  • Recognition of problems

  • Collection of data and information through observation  

  • Applying the simple, easy steps to manage problems, improve health conditions, minimize the impact of illness

  • Testing the hypothesis ( in our case customized practices) for the best outcome

Then our approach is also scientific.   

We help and guide to improve your personal, professional, social and spiritual life

Anger, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, pain, mood swing, tension, stress, depression, anxiety, grief, chronic relapse, physical pain issues, illnesses like asthma, diabetes, obesity, GIT issues, Emotional Disturbance, Trauma and PTSD, Drug Abuse, Sexual issues, Infertility, ADHD, lack of concentration, memory, panic, self-harming, Behavioral Issues, Narcissistic Personality, lack of coping skills and self-esteem, , personal injury,  the stress of financial obligations, addiction and other negative habits.